A Dog's Secret

Most everyone loves dogs, puppies, cats and kittens but did you know they have a special secret? They have healing powers! You say you have never heard that before, but it’s true and it's possible. Animals can help people and even heal wounds that can be seen and those that can’t be seen, such as emotional scars. Many people have heard or even seen how a Seeing Eye dog can help a person that is blind, but fewer people are aware that dogs can help people be less depressed of less anxious. How you might ask? Well that is a very good question, and the answer is by being either a service dog or an emotional support animal. So let’s say someone decides to seek treatment for depression. They may take medication or go to counseling or do both. They may feel a little better, but might still be lonely, sad, feel unloved and insecure. So a counselor or therapist might prescribe an emotional support animal. Either a dog or a cat are wonderful emotional support animals or ESA. An ESA can provide support, unconditional love and even help someone feel more confident by being able to care for and build a relationship with an animal. A dog can even be used in therapy or counseling to provide these very same things. How can it help in therapy you might ask? There are so many ways, it's not uncommon for both children and adults to be hesitant or fearful of therapy. An ESA is a great way for patients to start to feel comfortable and let their guard down so they can begin the therapeutic process. A patient must be able to be open and honest to benefit from therapy and an emotional support animals aids in this process.