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Wavi Brain Scans- Have You Had Your Brain Check Up?

At A Mind Above, we use WAVi brain scans as part of your treatment plan.  They are an integral part to measuring success of treatment at A Mind Above.  

The WAVi brain scan, is an all-in-one brain measurement platform that checks how healthy your brain is, just like a blood test can check your overall health.

The Wavi Scan measures the electrical activity in your brain, how your brain is performing, and how it is responding. The brain scan examines and tests your brain and physical responses to stimuli and activities in real time. This provides scientific metrics and essential data about your brain’s health, memory, coherence, and cognitive functions.  This is valuable and insightful information.  The doctor can then directly assess your brain function, helping diagnose brain illnesses while there’s still time to prevent them.

WAVi and Brain Function

The WAVi headset is a portable EEG scanner that allows us to measure brain function in real-time. 

The WAVi headset measures your brain waves (EEG) while you perform different tasks. Using established benchmarks by age, the brain scans can provide information about: 

  • Brain activity  

  • Processing power  

  • Auditory and reaction time  

  • Mood  

  • Focus and attention