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Outpatient Psychiatry & Medication Management

A Mind Above offers psychiatric assessment, care, and medication managment.  Psychiatric medication can be daunting and a difficult path to embark upon.  At A Mind Above we recognize the substantial benefit of having a collaborative team working to improve our clients mental health. An effective team includes our Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, providing medication management while consulting with our mental health clinicians.  Research shows that one of the most effective ways to treat mental health disorders is with psychotherapy, in tandem with medication.  Of course, there is no one right way or wrong way to treat mental health disorders, but at A Mind Above, we strive to offer the best of both treatments readily available to treat mental health problems.  

How do I make an appointment to be evaluated for medication?

Currently, we have a psychiatric nurse practitioner available via telehealth and in person.  Clients can access psychiatric services with A Mind Above in one of many ways.  Clients can self-refer and only seek out psychiatric services; with or without seeking individual psychotherapy through A Mind Above.  Clients can also be referred to the nurse practitioner through their mental health clinician.  

What to expect with a psychiatric assessment?

At the first session with a prescriber, clients can expect to be seen for 60 minutes.  Be sure to bring a list of any and all medications you are taking, including any past medications.  The prescriber will also want to know if you have any allergies to medications.  After your initial intake appointment with the prescriber, you will have follow up appointments.  These follow up appointments will be much shorter than the first appointment.

How is seeing a prescriber different from my therapist?

The prescriber is mainly concerned with the symptoms that clients are experiencing.  Follow up appointments will assess if the medication is working or not and any adjustments needed will be made by the prescribing physician.  The prescriber will not be doing any individual psychotherapy, sessions are brief and to the point and only about symptoms and medications. 

Will I feel better right away?

Be patient, it takes time for medications to work.  The length of time varies based on the type of medication.  Please feel free to ask any and all questions about the medication that is prescribed.  Be prepared that often medication management is a trial and error process.  Since everyone responds differently to medication, it can take time to find the right medication that will work best.