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History of TMS/Electromagnetic Brain Pulse


Therapeutic Effects of Individualized Alpha Frequency Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (αTMS) on Schizophrenia research published. (2002 study) Click Here To Read


Following the FDA approval of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), Dr. Jin’s first protocol, Neuro-EEG Synchronization Therapy (NEST), became an offering to patients through his first company, NeoSync.


Magnetic EEG-guided Resonant Therapy (MeRT), using repetitive magnetic stimulation synchronized to an individual’s harmonic relationship between the dominant brain rhythm and other organ systems, most notably, the heart, was developed by Dr Jin through the work of his Newport Brain Research Lab and brought to patients through a network of Brain Treatment Centers around the world.


Neural communication between tissue regions patent granted


The largest breakthrough to date, Electromagnetic Brain Pulsing (EMBP™), is developed and patented by NoetherTech™. EMBP™ treatment identifies the patient’s brain condition through quantitative analyses and delivers a customized, pulse-matching, electromagnetic stimulation to normalize the brain condition. EMBP™ is one of the noninvasive, physiological, treatment procedures delivered through the mechanism now referred to as “neural modulation.”

Throughout the past 15 years, a growing body of literature following Dr Jin’s theory has been published, dozens of patents have been granted, and the principles within the theory have been adopted by many other research groups, manufacturers and clinics.